Social Media Daily News Round up 27.7.18

Here is todays chunk of news we thought you need to know about from the last 24 hours. We will be back on Monday with a round up from all the weekends action. 


Marketingland have picked up on a refresh of the LinkedIn back end of Campaign manager for those managing multiple accounts.

We also shared with you yesterday that LinkedIn are rolling out voice messages, seems to be much more widely reported today 🤓we did though think the Mashable take was worth looking at - LinkedIn has voicemail now, but please, don't use it


Who made the Instagram rich list? - Another widely reported story, if you missed it the data has been published for the top earners on Instagram. We liked the way Sky have listed out the top UK earners. Best wait until you’ve had your coffee to read this, don’t want you spitting it out over your desk when you see the revenue per post.


Snapchat “Storytellers” finally pairs creators with advertisers - TechCrunch reports on Snapchat finally beginning to pair brands with some of the platforms top creators through the “Snapchat Storytellers” pilot program


Why brands should pin their hopes on Pinterest - An interesting blog from SmartBrief about the volume of users and shelf life of content on Pinterest, coupled with the recent stories of revenue growth and a potential IPO in the next 12 months, is it time to up our Pinterest interest?

Whats App

WhatsApp suggests a cure for virality - Interesting article in the Economist looking at how and why the platform needs to curb virality. Given the other platforms rely on virality is controling how much you can share the key to solving fake news?


New developer requirements to protect our platform - In a post on the Twitter developer blog Yoel Roth and Rob Johnson outline the steps Twitter are taking to help clean up the platform and why they have shut down more than 143,000 apps in Q2. 

As we’ve outlined in our API platform roadmap, we’re committed to providing access to our platform to developers whose products and services make Twitter a better place. However, recognizing the challenges facing Twitter and the public — from spam and malicious automation to surveillance and invasions of privacy — we’re taking additional steps to ensure that our developer platform works in service of the overall health of conversation on Twitter.

What is Trump accusing Twitter of - Great explanation of what shadow banning is and what the POTUS latest rant is all about by the Independent

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