Social Media Daily News Round up 26.7.18

We round up the social media marketing stories of the day, everyday. The stories that you need to know about. Saving you the job of trawling Google and Social Media to find them. We then send you to the places that we feel are best placed to explain what is going on.  


Refinery29 picked up on a reactive feature that appears to be on test. A new feature that allows users to quickly engage with stories.  



What happened on Facebook's nightmare conference call that wiped out nearly $150B in market value in 90 minutes - A widely reported story in all the national papers today, we liked the business insider view on how the slow down in growth has rattled shareholders.  Possibly not going to affect the way you do your marketing but good to know if it comes up in conversation today


SNAPCHAT OPENS A PRIVATE MARKETPLACE FOR BRANDS TO BUY ADS IN DISCOVER SHOWS - Nice article from Ad Week who have picked up on the new marketplace which could support some of the biggest publishers to sell advertising directly to clients.


Twitter has finally taken action against cryptocurrency scammers on its platform by banning impersonators - Another big story over the last 24 hours as Twitter continues to wrestle with Bot accounts and cleans up the platform.  The Independent has a wider look at what is going.


Not a news article: Whilst cruising our own newsfeed we spotted this new feature on LinkedIn thanks to Tristan Griffiths for sharing this one.

Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 10.44.52.png

We had a look in the office and half of us have the feature and half don’t so in the typical LinkedIn style this will be rolled out over the next few months (then we wait for the copious amounts of articles telling us how we should be using voice messages to market to everyone)