The Weekend Round up 30.7.18



We hope you enjoyed the weekend, here are all the stories you need to catch up on this weekend.

UK 'fake news' report calls for tougher rules, fines for social media companies

One of the big stories from the weekend is that British parliamentary committee says the UK government should hold technology companies responsible and liable for "harmful and illegal content on their platforms,"

CNN Cover it well enough, it will be interesting to see how this develops into the policing of marketing content across platforms.



Vote Leave's targeted Brexit ads released by Facebook

The BBC reported on the campaign run by Canadian company Aggregate AIQ and the targeting for the pro-Brexit campaign, the story is interesting to social media marketers however due to the way the ads were micro-targeted and used emotive messaged to drive the reaction.  It is also interesting to see that a football competition fronted by Ian Botham was also used at the outset for data collection, perhaps not the most transparent of campaigns but an interesting case study regardless.



What's the least popular emoji on Twitter?

Another BBC story looking at Matthew Rothenberg's Emoji Tracker data for the most popular emojis used on twitter and of course the least used, and here are the least popular

  1. Input symbol for Latin capital letters (top left)

  2. Aerial tramway

  3. Non-potable water symbol

  4. Input symbols for symbols

  5. Input symbol for Latin small letters

  6. Input symbol for Latin letters

  7. Passport control

  8. Mountain cableway

  9. Do not litter symbol

  10. Mountain railway (bottom right)



Twitter Will Suspend Accounts That Repeatedly Troll Live Broadcasts

Twitter said on Friday it will begin a “more aggressive enforcement” of its community reports Fortune. This is part of the continued crackdown to improve the quality of the user experience on the platform.

Twitter stock plunges 20% in wake of 1m user decline

Not a great week for the two social media powerhouses on the stock markets, 20% off the shares for Twitter (worth a reported £3.8 Billion) Here the guardian sheds some light on this. The Guardian looks into this widely reported story. 


YouTube dark mode begins rolling out to Android users

Another .story circulating this morning is that the popular theme for YouTube has now been released on Android as covered by TechRadar After YouTube introduced a dark mode to its desktop site last year and migrated the feature to iOS in March this year, it’s finally starting to arrive for Android users.



Atlassian is discontinuing its chat apps Stride and Hipchat  and handing the blueprints over to Slack reports wired.