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  New tool provides email alerts whenever your competitors launch a Facebook ad campaign

⭐  CNN is premiering a new Facebook-funded news show on Facebook Watch  

⭐ Online shopping is killing physical stores - Can a digital platform come to the rescue?

⭐ Fortnite World Cup: 15-year-old Brit Jaden Ashman is gaming millionaire

  Six-year-old YouTube star buys £6.5m property

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New Tool Provides Email Alerts Whenever Your Competitors Launch a Facebook Ad Campaign - Social Media Today 

The rise of social media and digital marketing platforms has given marketers more options than ever to not only reach their own audience, but also to track what their competitors are doing, and the processes and methods they're employing to maximise their reach. 

This is a key benefit of digital marketing - if you're not monitoring what your competitors are doing, you're missing out on a major opportunity.

And this new tool from the team at PixelMe could be particularly helpful in this respect.

Utilizing Facebook's Ad Library, which was rolled out to all Pages earlier this year, PixelMe's new 'AdInboxMe' tool will send you an alert whenever your competitor/s launch a new Facebook ad campaign, helping you to stay up to date with the offers and processes they're using.

Six-year-old YouTube star buys £6.5m property - Sky News

Boram is South Korea's most popular and highest-earning YouTuber, with each toy review collecting hundreds of millions of views. A six-year-old South Korean YouTube star and her parents have purchased a multi-million pound property, according to reports.

Boram is the country's most popular YouTuber and her two channels - a video blog and a series of toy reviews - have more than 30 million subscribers. The property was bought by the Boram Company, which was set up by the girl's parents, for 9.5 billion won (£6.5m).

It may sound like a lot of money but maybe not for the youngster who earns an estimated monthly income of £2.4m.

CNN is premiering a new Facebook-funded news show on Facebook Watch - Digiday 

CNN is premiering a new Facebook-funded news show on Facebook Watch on July 29, just a week after it aired the final episode of its last Watch Show, “Anderson Cooper Full Circle.”

The new show, “Go There,” will air episodes weeknights Monday through Friday on Facebook. It’s a departure from the Anderson Cooper show: Aside from being formatted vertically for mobile viewing, “Anderson Cooper Full Circle” was a relatively traditional news program hosted in a studio with segments recapping the day’s news. “Go There” will not be that. Instead, CNN is using Facebook’s money to see if a different style of news programming — one that more closely resembles a YouTube video or Instagram Story than a TV news show — will work on Facebook.

Online Shopping Is Killing Physical Stores - Can A Digital Platform Come To The Rescue? - Forbes 

From the smallest villages to major urban centers and big out-of-town shopping malls, the story is pretty much the same. Beset by a perfect storm of high rents, rising local businesses taxes and online competition, retailers are cutting their losses and pulling down the shutters for the final time. Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen major chains either go the wall or cut costs by paring back their operations. As a result, many of Britain’s shopping streets are beginning to look decidedly threadbare.

There is no single reason, but the rise and rise of online shopping is thought to be a major factor in the decline of the “high street.” But if e-commerce is putting pressure on retailers, perhaps another strand of digital technology can come to their rescue. That’s the proposition tabled by NearSt, a U.K. startup that has partnered with Google to provide local retailers with a means to attract shoppers who might otherwise buy online.  

Fortnite World Cup: 15-year-old Brit Jaden Ashman is gaming millionaire - BBC  

Fifteen-year-old Jaden Ashman has won half of $2.25 million (£1.8m) after coming second with his teammate in the Fortnite World Cup finals.

He started playing the game on the day it came out and spent as many as eight hours daily practising in his room.

Forty million players attempted to qualify over 10 weeks of online competition.

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