Social Media News Roundup 27.09.18

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Inside Facebook Stories’ quest for originality amidst 300M users

There’s a secret Facebook app called Blink. Built for employees only, it’s how the company tests new video formats it’s hoping will become the next Boomerang or SuperZoom. (TechCrunch)

Podcast Marketing Best Practices from Apple

Apple have just released a guide to marketing podcasts, useful for those who are using it as a route to building communities through marketing. (Apple)

Sorry For Your Loss: has Facebook created its first great TV show?

Elizabeth Olsen’s show about grief has turned heads and could be the start of a new onslaught from the social-media giant (Guardian)

Twitter asks users if it should ban 'dehumanising speech

After recent controversies over hate speech, the social media platform is considering adopting a new policy (Sky News)

What 10 influencers and artists have to say about Instagram’s co-founders quitting

How photographers, designers, and meme artists feel about Instagram’s future under Facebook. (Vox)

Snapchat's UK ad revenue growth slows, but it is set to capture more teen users

Snapchat is set to make £68.4 million ($88.1 million) in U.K. ad revenues this year, down from a projected £104.8 million. (CNBC)

YouTube is finally coming to all Oculus mobile VR headsets

YouTube will soon launch an app on Oculus’ mobile VR headset, the Oculus Go, bringing YouTube to Oculus’ entire mobile ecosystem. (the verge)

WhatsApp founder, Brian Acton, says Facebook used him to get its acquisition past EU regulators

WhatsApp founder, Brian Acton, who left Facebook a year ago — before going on to publicly bite the hand that fed him, by voicing support for the #DeleteFacebook movement. (TechCrunch)

Stuart Hall