Social Media News Roundup 26.09.18

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Social Chain are appointed for launch campaign of Insurance market disruptor HONCHO

Social Chain has been appointed to launch honcho via a unique and exciting awareness-building campaign targeting early adopters amongst the UK’s young drivers. The initial campaign will span influencer marketing, the agency’s own media house, Media Chain, as well as organic and paid social media channels.

Dominic McGregor, COO and co-founder of Social Chain said: “honcho is a company we've had a long relationship with and seeing them raise funds and grow is a huge success for the Northern Powerhouse. We are excited to have been appointed their lead marketing agency as they look to a social-first launch in the coming months.” For the launch, Social Chain will work alongside honcho’s lead PR agency, PR Agency One.

How Twitter's New Safety Policies Are Created

Twitter unveiled a new policy Tuesday concerning “dehumanising speech,” which will go into effect later this year. It’s designed to prohibit users from dehumanising people based on their membership in a protected class, even if they’re not targeting a specific individual directly. (Wired)

Google, Facebook and Twitter agree to fight fake news in the EU

Alphabet Inc’s Google, Facebook Inc, Twitter Inc and other tech and advertising companies have committed to implementing new measures and investing in new technologies to fight the spread of hoax news online in Europe, according to a draft of the agreement. (The Star)

Snapchat's new voter registration initiative could actually reach new young voters

Snapchat is the latest social network to roll out a voter registration initiative in the run up to the 2018 midterm elections. But with its engaged and youthful user base, and the registration tool's deeply integrated design, it may actually have the power to reach (and register) new voters. (Mashable)

At Snapchat, insiders question the leadership of Evan Spiegel

The numbers suggest otherwise, but Snap is struggling. What’s happening to CEO Evan Spiegel fits a pattern – ranging from Tesla to Google. Is it a bad case of founder’s syndrome? (Wired)

The end of Instagram as we know it is here

Facebook used to leave it alone. Not any more (The Verge)

How To Handle Trolls In Social Media

Conventional wisdom says that companies should respond to everyone on social media. When people take the time to compliment a company, they want to be acknowledged; when they have a complaint, they want empathy and a resolution; and when they have a question, they just want the answer. (Forbes)

Stuart Hall