Social Media News Roundup 20.09.18

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Ad buyers prepare for headaches after Facebook cuts off third-party data

Facebook’s decision to cut off third-party data access to advertisers will force them to get that data on their own starting Oct. 1. Previously Facebook had gathered this data for advertisers using its self-service ad buying tool and made the data available through its Partner Categories ad targeting option. (DigiDay)

Twitter is delivering ads to other publishers' sites — hinting at its ambition to challenge Facebook and Google in advertising

Twitter has a plan to make more money outside of Twitter — while also helping publishers squeeze out a bit more revenue. (Business Insider)

Facebook hasn't complied with EU consumer rules yet

Seven months after Europe's Justice Commissioner Vera Jourova told Facebook and other tech companies to bring their user terms in line with EU consumer laws, Facebook has yet to address all her concerns (CNBC)

YouTube’s trending tab is there to lure in new users, not views

How important is YouTube’s trending section for getting views? According to YouTube chief business officer Robert Kyncl, it has less of an impact than people might believe. (The Verge)

‘This Is How Rats Work.’ Why Twitter’s Emphasis on Follower Counts Could Be Backfiring

Online follower counts have become a fashionable form of currency, numbers people use as evidence of personal and professional clout. Media outlets treat it as news when celebrities amass big followings, and an entire industry has ascended around “influencers” who endorse goods via popular feeds. It’s a metric increasingly ingrained in modern life. It’s also under the microscope at Twitter. (Time)

Twitter is inviting people to apply for a role with just a single tweet

If you want to catch the eye of those recruiting for jobs at Twitter then the social platform has a challenge. Rather than send in a standard CV, probably two sides of A4, condense the crucial info into a single tweet and don’t be afraid to show personality. (IrishNews)

Which tools made the nomination list for Social Media Monitoring and Listening tool of the year?

Which tools made the nomination list for Social Media Monitoring and Listening tool of the year?

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