The Best Social Media Monitoring and Listening tools of the Year

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Social Media monitoring and listening tools are another essential bit of kit in the digital toolbox of every good social media marketer and manager. Over the last few years they have increased in sophistication and the number of products have grown on the market from those that have mass appeal to the more specialist.

We asked our community to nominate the tools that they are using to deliver social media monitoring and listening. To keep independent we are simply highlighting the tools available, we look forward to reviewing each of these tools over the next few months and bring you an in-depth look at how they work.

Here are the tool that are the choice of the professionals, to help us determine which tool is the best in class, we ask you to simply vote for your preference here:

Here are your “Best Social Media Monitoring and Listening Tools”


Before You Can Act, You Have to Listen

Millions of social conversations are happening globally. Marketers have to know which conversations to listen to in order to be part of the dialogue. With Sysomos, you get a powerful social monitoring platform that ensures your relevant conversations and images are collected in real time.



Cision’s comprehensive monitoring software covers Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more than 150 million conversations across blogs, forums and social sites to make sure you are completely covered across the social media landscape.



Mention is a social media and web monitoring tool. The media monitoring tool provides real-time alerts for a company's keyword and allows users to monitor millions of sources in real time and in 42 languages. Mention can be accessed from a mobile app or the web-based app.


Sprout Social

The breadth of consumer, industry and cultural insights within social conversations is unmatched. The best marketers gain valuable insight by tapping into social data to perform quantitative, qualitative and contextual analysis of keywords, hashtags and topics. Use these findings to inform marketing campaigns, refine content strategies and improve overall customer experience.



Brandwatch is a social media monitoring company headquartered in Brighton, England. Brandwatch sells three different products: Analytics, Audiences, and Vizia.



Social Listening. With Sprinklr's social listening capabilities, you can see at a glance the volume, context, and sentiment of online conversations – and why any of it should matter. Empower all teams to make real-time strategic decisions, by funnelling social listening data across the organisation.



Gauge the social sentiment around your brand

Understand how people feel about your brand and then easily filter results by location, language, and gender—for a multi-dimensional view of your market segments. If the conversation around your brand starts trending negatively within a specific segment—such as women on Twitter, or Spanish-speaking men—you can act quickly to understand and manage the issue



Understand the audiences that matter to your business

Identify relevant audiences, discover amazing actionable insights and inform your strategies to grow your business.



Agorapulse is your Bat Cave for social media management. Easily grasp your social media metrics. Understand your audience at-a-glance for who they really are. Capitalise on every opportunity with full monitoring and full engagement perfected for each of your favourite social platforms.



Meltwater is the global leading media intelligence platform. Our software combines the power of AI with the largest news and social media database in the industry, to bring our clients advanced Media Monitoring, Social Media Listening, Social Media Management, PR Analytics and Influencer Engagement tools.



React and engage quickly to real-time comments made about your brand. Follow-up on positive comments from your brand ambassadors, or respond to a dissatisfied customer before the story gets ahead of you.



Talkwalker is your extra set of eyes and ears. It monitors what's happening on all social channels and online media in real-time, on all markets, in 187 languages.

You can find out what customers think about your campaigns, products, events, earnings calls and brands. Or track your brand awareness and message impact globally.



Keyhole is a real-time hashtag tracker for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Its visual dashboard is simple, beautiful and shareable!


Handle Social Media

‘Twitter Social Listening’ is a comprehensive tool that allows you enter in your key words with a specific location & mile radius of that location, then you select Tweets or Users and click search to see the latest 100 Tweets or users on Twitter for you mass like, retweet and follow all or personally only selected ones, which in turn will increase your engagement and help you grow a relevant organic following on Twitter.

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Stuart Hall