Social Media News Roundup

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Instagram Is Tinkering With Hashtags That Aren’t Displayed in Captions

Instagram appears to be testing two potential new features: the ability to add hashtags to posts without having those hashtags appear in the captions, as well as the option of setting specific locations where posts or Stories can be seen. (AdWeek)

Facebook Will Now Allow Pages to Join Facebook Groups

Here's a small Facebook update that'll no doubt be of interest to social media marketers - Facebook is now allowing some Pages to join Facebook groups, and comment and interact within them as a business Page. (Social Media Today)

EU warns Facebook it faces sanctions over 'misleading' T&Cs

Commission gives social media company until end of the year to change its terms of service (Guardian)

Facebook takes on Tinder with new dating app, but how many people will really want to use it?

Have you ever wanted to meet romantic partners through the same platform you use to keep up with your parents, your friends and your weird high school acquaintances? (Telegraph)

Instagram is testing a native resharing feature for the feed

After years of resistance, Instagram is now testing a way for you to reshare posts from other accounts to your own feed. The feature, which company executives have long resisted for fear it would corrupt the personal nature of the app, could bring new life to the main feed at a time when it is becoming rapidly eclipsed by ephemeral stories. (The Verge)

Twitch is reportedly blocked in China

Last month, Twitch became the third most popular free app on China's App Store as users wanting to watch the Asian Games flocked to the app. But now, Abacus reports, residents in China are finding that Twitch is no longer accessible and that the Twitch app has been removed from the country's App Store. (Engaget)

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