Social Media News Roundup 18.09.18

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Twitter will soon let you switch between chronological and ranked feeds

Twitter has made a surprise change to how it shows tweets to its users, following a viral thread earlier today that discussed ways to reverse the platform’s algorithmic timeline. Now, when you uncheck the settings box reading “Show the best tweets first,” (The Verge)

Ofcom to push for regulation of social networks

Tech companies such as Facebook and Google could be regulated in the same way as the mobile phone and broadband industry, the head of media regulator Ofcom was expected to say on Tuesday. (gurdian)

Instagram expands shopping features to take on Amazon

The company just announced two important updates to its growing e-commerce business: shoppable posts in Stories, which it first started began testing in June, will launch globally, and Instagram's Explore tab will get dedicated shopping channels. (Mashable)

How These Three Instagram Influencers Promote Positivity On IGTV

The recent launch of Instagram TV (IGTV) has allowed them to educate, inspire, and build relationships through longer-form video storytelling. Now, in addition, to going live or posting photos, videos, and stories -- they can connect with their community through another visual medium. (Forbes)

LinkedIn announces next London HQ

Tech company LinkedIn has sealed a deal for its new London headquarters, pre-letting the entirety of a redeveloped building that was once home to The Guardian newspaper. (Financial News)

YouTube: TV is our fastest-growing market

Broadcasters wary of Google’s platform as TV viewing grows 45% year on year in Europe (Guardian)

Twitch puts other tech companies to shame with its majority-woman leadership team

The video game streaming service Twitch announced on Friday three new leadership hires. And with the addition of three new female executives, Twitch's team of C-level executives has just become majority women. (Twitch)

5 Steps for Protecting Your Brand Against Social Media Piracy

Social media has a problem with piracy. A rudimentary search on Facebook turns up films, TV shows and sports events that should be pay-per-view or subscription based. A reported one billion (yes, you read that right) people have watched Game of Thrones season 7 via illegal downloads or streams (only 31 million watched it legally). (Ad Week)

Your list of the best Social Media content management tools.

Your list of the best Social Media content management tools.

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