Social Media Marketer of the Year

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The nominations for social media marketer of the year are in, and we have been inundated with some entries recommending some talented individuals.

We all like a good social media marketing meme, and when we talk to those outside of marketing they think, we just look at Facebook all day, tweet a bit and make memes.

Although we know how hard the last few years as a Social Marketer has been, constant algorithm updates, organic reach (whats that?) as Social Networks pander to shareholders to increase revenue through ads, paid search, fake followers just a few of the things we deal with, we could go on, but this is about celebrating the best of the best!

As clients have begun to understand Social Media, the game has changed, its become far more sophisticated and brands are embracing new strategies. Cast you mind pack a few years, would a client have honestly spent budget on a campaign based on a 24 hour shelf life, and yet we are seeing more and more clients adopt story based campaigns, incredible and the list of campaigns pushing the boundaries across all types of social media continues to grow.

To stay at the cutting edge requires a commitment to understanding these changes, and looking towards the horizon for whats coming next, as we brace ourselves for the next wave of VR, AR and AI related change, lets stop and look how far our industry has come in a very short time!

We have an in-house social media marketer of the year (announcing soon) and freelance marketer of the year category, however as Social Media is not always as defined and boxed as other industries we wanted to recognise marketer, agencies and individuals who do a fantastic job of Social Media, they may oversee a business, team or work directly with clients, regardless the commitment to getting results is unquestionable.

To determine the shortlist we have looked at those who were nominated multiple times, we have then looked at websites, available case studies and social channels to determine that they qualify and meet the criteria of the category.

We are delighted to announce the nominees for the “Social Media Marketer of the Year”

  • Callum McCahon - Born Social

  • Ovidiu Negrean - SocialBee

  • Daniel Swepson - Woven Agency

  • Liam Batch - WAA chosen

  • Adam Jordan - Social Kick

  • Daniel Knowlton - KPS Digital Marketing

  • Melonie Dodaro - Top Dog Social Media

  • Ashwin Singh - Byte

  • Alina Nistor - Mighty Social

  • Teresa Heath-Wareing - THW Marketing

  • Daniel Rae - We Are Hydrogen

  • Timothy Armoo - Fanbytes

  • Zoe Cairns - ZC Social Media

  • Victoria Taylor - Untwisted Media

  • Ines Aparicio - Agency2

  • Matt Jackson - Social M

  • Paul Ince - Like Mind Media

  • Vee Roberts - Insight to Marketing

  • Sarah Fritz - Agency2

  • Garry Kousoulou - Love Social Media

  • Amy McManus - AM Marketing

  • Jennifer Saunders - Publicis Media

  • Colin Jacobs - immediate future

We do not envy the judges who will be working through the submissions to crown our “social media marketer of the year” on the 29th October.

Stuart Hall