Social Media News Roundup 17.09.18

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‘The writing is on the wall’: Unsteady waters for UK publisher Unilad

In January 2017, Unilad’s two co-founders celebrated their nomination in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list at Camden’s (now closed) celebrity-hotspot, Gilgamesh. While guests mingled around the Babylonian-themed 50-meter-long bar, the duo was feted for their ability to feed the younger generation Facebook video they want to watch. (DigiDay)

Facebook's efforts to eliminate fake news paying off, study finds

Facebook's efforts to stamp out fake news on the site seem to have had a "meaningful impact", researchers have said. (Telegraph)

Create impactful stories across Instagram, Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp Status.

As part of the most recent DMEXCO event in Germany, Facebook ran a series of educational sessions to help promote it's Facebook Blueprint courses. One of the sessions covered Instagram Stories, and how to make best use of the option, and included some interesting tips on how to create more engaging Stories experiences. (Facebook)

Facebook to hire human rights director following Rohingya abuses

After chief executive Mark Zuckerberg told US Congress that the company lacked Burmese speakers, it is focusing on human rights. (Sky)

Viral video-maker: Why I turned my back on YouTube

I was a journalist who was hired to make YouTube videos, including one about the reveal of PlayStation 4 that got five million views in a couple ... (Sky)

The Circle: New Channel 4 gameshow on power of social media

MAKE yourself popular on social media – or get evicted. And if you have to pretend to be someone else to do that, no problem. That’s the premise of new Channel 4 show The Circle which kicks off tomorrow night. (Daily Star)

In this weeks episode of the Social Show we talk to Founder of ContentCal, Alex Packham and hear about how he went from Social Media Manager at ODEAN Cinemas, to launching his own agency and coming up with the idea for ContentCal.

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