Social Media Management - Alex Packham: ContentCal Interview - Episode 7. The Social Show

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In this weeks Social Media Marketing Show we meet with Alex Packham founder of ContentCal

I met Alex Packham earlier this week to as part of the Social Show, and what an incredible story, Alex takes us back to the very foundations of why he started ContentCal and why he decided to develop one of the fastest growing planning tools in the Social Media space.

Alex takes us back to his final years of university, his first role “ODEAN Alex” and transitioning to an agency owner prior to developing the concept for ContentCal and launching.

We discuss the process of achieving investment, the challenges with growth, the trends the team can see from the use within ContentCal and what the future trends they can predict from the users.

Its a special extended interview due the the huge volume of value has given around content planning, its a must watch for any brand or agency who are currently thinking how to structure the planning of content across various channels (not just social)

Lucy was also speaking at the Meltwater conference and picked up her tool of the week. Only in this weeks episode of “the Social Media Show”

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