Social Media News Roundup 14.09.18

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Apple doesn’t tweet, but it blanketed Twitter with ads for its iPhone XS launch

The decision to spend so much on one platform — that isn’t Facebook or Google — perhaps isn’t as crazy for a trillion-dollar company. (DigiDay)

Facebook UK boss: 'We could do a much better job' of helping users

Facebook's UK boss says the social media site could do a "much better job" of helping users control their experience on the site

A new Snapchat feature lets publishers create live stories out of users’ posts

Snap is launching a new feature that will let media companies access public posts made by Snapchat users and package them into editions centring on live events, breaking news and other topics. (DigiDay)

Twitter puts live streams at the top of your feed

Twitter is making it easier to catch live broadcasts from the accounts you follow. Now, anytime an account you follow starts a stream and shares a tweet about it, the broadcast will be pushed to the top of your timeline. The company announced the new feature in a tweet. (Engaget)

YouTube now lets parents decide exactly what kids can watch

YouTube Kids rolled out a new feature on Thursday that lets parents handpick the videos and channels their children have access to. The new parental controls are available worldwide on Android and will launch soon on iOS. (Cnet)

Twitch Hires Its First Head of Diversity And Inclusion

Social live streaming service Twitch just hired its first head of diversity and inclusion, it announced on Thursday. (Variety)

Who Gets Their News From Which Social Media Sites?

These are some of the takeaways from a Pew Research survey published this week, looking at the news consumption habits of social media (Wired)

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