Social Media Daily Round up 07.08.18

Here is your daily round-up of all the Social Media stories you need to know about today. 

Infowars dropped by most platforms, Facebook Redesigns Business Pages as reach declines, 11 new LinkedIn features ranked from 2018, Facebook takes 10% of US search market, Mars YouTube withdrawal, What is life like as a YouTube star? Is anyone using Alexa to buy stuff? Alexa will tell you when its learned answers to old question s. 


Apple pulled several podcasts associated with notorious conspiracy theorist and protein powder peddler Alex Jones from the iTunes store. The decision opened the floodgates...(Wired)



Facebook redesigns biz Pages for utility as feed reach declines

An unescapable fact of Facebook’s  ubiquity is that as more Pages and people compete for limited News Feed attention, the percentage of a business’ followers who see their posts declines. (TechCrunch) 

Facebook denies seeking users' financial data from banks

Facebook has said that it has not been approaching banks in order to gain access to its users' private financial data, but instead as part of a scheme to add balance checking and fraud alert features (WiredUK)

Facebook is now a major mobile browser in U.S., with 10%+ market share in many states

Most of the data around web browser market share put Google Chrome or Safari at the top – with their percentage of the market vary by platform and region. But new research from analytics provider Mixpanel finds that many sources are overlooking a major contributor of mobile web browser events here in the U.S.: Facebook. (TechCrunch)


Ranking 11 New LinkedIn Features From 2018 (So Far)

We all know Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are constantly tweaking their platforms. It seems not a week can go by without one of those social media networks changing SOMETHING in the user experience. One social platform seems to fly under the radar a bit when it comes to this conversation: LinkedIn. (business2community)


Mars' YouTube ads withdrawal creates 'opportunity' for ITV online

Mars' decision to pull all advertising from YouTube in the UK creates an opportunity for ITV to take a greater share of the UK digital ads market, a media analyst has claimed. (CampaignLive)

What's life as a YouTube child star really like?

A video from the weekend by the BBC, gives a fascinating insight into the life of a YouTube star and is the life worth it? 


Almost Nobody Is Using Amazon's Alexa to Actually Buy Stuff

Amazon may have sold millions of Echoes and other devices equipped with its voice-controlled Alexa smart assistant partially in the hopes that it could nudge users into letting an upbeat voice convince them to buy more crap. (gizmodo)

Amazon Alexa will now let you know when it’s learned answers to old questions

Amazon has confirmed that a new feature is coming to Alexa devices called “Answer Update,” (The Verge)

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