Day In The Life Of A Social Media Marketer

Social media marketing is easy, right? Just throw up a few tweets, share a meme or two and call it day, right? If only it were that easy. Here, we’re going to look at the ups and downs in a day in the life of a social media marketer.



You have to go into the office today, you wake up after hitting the snooze button for the second time, you were supposed to get up a 5 and have some me time, after that latest "marketing book" everyone is reading told you to get up early and work on your personal development, you were going to write a diary entry, do some meditation and start exercising, ah well, always tomorrow morning. 

The train is packed, you'ree under someone's armpit and not in a good mood, you want to check your phone but the signal is not great here! (standard)

Coffee stop on the way to the office, smile and make your way into the building, it’s time to catch up. Social media never stops. Unless you’re some kind of robot that works 24/7 or a masochist that doesn’t turn off their notifications at night (We've all done it, your phone pinging and vibrating but you can't be bothered to turn the notifications off), you have to catch up on all those client notifications that have kept you awake half the night.


The first hour of the day is all about checking the different accounts, reading your emails, and listening to voicemails. There’s a good chance you’ve missed something big and your window to reply, share, or capitalise on it is shrinking fast. Besides that, you have to make some sense out of the chaos. looking at today's goals deciding what is a priority and not, and plucking interesting bits from the news and trending topics to give yourself some content ideas. 

First, though you need to address that voicemail left by your biggest client, yeah the one that won't do what you asked them to do with the personal brand on LinkedIn, but has decided they want you to activate a new idea on Instagram because they had a conversation about social media with their 14-year-old nephew last night at dinner, and Instagram is the way to go (despite the audience and the content supplied is completely irrelevant) 

day in the life of a social media manager

Okay, so they’re not all terrible, clients, but we’ve had our share of those who expect you to turn them into a globally recognised brand in a matter of moments with a shoestring budget. Getting in contact with them after your next coffee break is all about managing expectations, showing channel growth, and the analytics of certain posts. (for the 4th time this week) 


Not having time to make your lunch, you decide to venture out of the office, filled with the thought of new and exciting culinary experiences. You look at the lines of people waiting for the street food and the cash only signs, Nah, can't be bothered.  As you walk around you find your feet taking you to the nearest Pret, before you realise what is going on you've picked up your default option and its back to eating at the desk, not knowing how that event happened. 


The clock hits 5, you're still trying to get sign off on one campaign while finishing the report for another, your WhatsApp group is going crazy you are supposed to be meeting friends at a networking event in a local shared working space, they have lined up yet another self-proclaimed "marketing guru" who wants you to join their facebook group and sell you "exclusive" access that can only be gained from the premium membership.  


Finally, you are home, time to recharge the batteries and do it all again tomorrow. 

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