How do you write a good awards entry?


How do you write a good awards entry?

How do you write a good awards entry?

It’s a question we get asked all the time when we are out and about, so how do you write the perfect award entry and bag a Social Media Marketing Award?

1)Read the criteria

Before you start, always read the criteria, it will give you an idea of what each category will be judged on and how to structure the entry.

2) Can you back it up

Awards celebrate success, we like to fill out the entry forms with all those fantastic achievements and wins we had for clients, the success the team has shared. That's all well and good, but back it up. Use web URLs and the supporting documents to back up the entry.

3) I am the Greatest

You may well be the greatest, but who has that helped? Look at the entry from the judges perspective, quoting testimonials from clients and those who have received the benefit of your greatness is far more powerful than you simply telling us your great.

4) Focus on what you have done

Not what you have in the pipeline, save that for next year, and equally don’t go to far back in time, the last 12 to 18 months is a perfect window of your achievements to be judged on. Keep it current.

5) Make it interesting

Come on now, your marketers, if you can’t make this interesting then no point in entering! Start with a hook and make sure you grab the judges attention. You're not going to get too far in the process if you put our judges to sleep.

6) What about failure?

Yes, it is OK to talk about what went wrong! But make sure you highlight what you learned from it, no one gets it right first time every time, and award winners are the same, most good campaigns have an element of reacting to the market, don’t be afraid to talk about how you solved a problem or what you learned for next time.

7) Tone down the fluff

Yes, we said to make it interesting, but don't over do it with the fluffy waffle, stick to the points and make your case based on the facts.  

8) Keep it plain English

Buzzwords, our industry is full of them, and acronyms, your awards entry is not the place to showcase how many you can reel off in a single document.  Keep is plain English.

9) Check the entry

Make sure you get a fresh set of eyes to proofread the entry, not just for spelling and grammar but also to see if the entry hits the brief and is interesting.

10) Don’t leave it until the last minute

The awards close in September, don’t leave it until the last minute or your entry will be rushed and you will wish you had started earlier. Do it now and give yourself time to get it right.


We look forward to receiving your entries, the full list of categories and criteria can be found here:

Stuart Hall