The Weekend Roundup 13.08.18

Welcome back, hope you had a great weekend, we have found all the stories from the weekend that you need to know about, put the kettle on, fill your cup and catch up. 

Snapchat expands shoppable AR to top creators, Is Facebook about to launch own cryptocurrency? Twitch is closing communities, Facebook pages with large US following will require more authorisation. Why YouTubers are feeling the burn. Facebook announced an additional $4.5 million to help news publishers. YouTube show Fanta squad is good for a laugh. Facebook helps to find mentors and are you social media adverts compliant? 

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In late June, Snapchat opened native commerce to top creators like Kylie Jenner. Now, the platform is letting creators go beyond using “Shop now” buttons in their Stories and letting them use AR Lenses to do the same, starting with Nicki Minaj. (TechCrunch)


Is Facebook about to launch its own cryptocurrency?

With over 2 billion users, Facebook could create the world's first mass-market cryptocurrency (Independent) 


Twitch is closing its Communities

Say goodbye to Twitch’s  Communities. The game-streaming service says it’s soon killing off this still relatively new addition to its site in favour of implementing a tagging system instead. (TechCrunch)

Facebook pages with large U.S. following to require more authorization

Facebook Inc (FB.O) will introduce an authorization process for users who manage Facebook pages with a large U.S. following, it said on Friday, seeking to make it harder to administer a page using a fake or compromised account. (Reuters)

Why YouTubers are feeling the burn

From fashionistas to popular scientists, YouTube’s top video stars are crumbling under the relentless pressure of producing new content for the site (Guardian)

Facebook announced an additional $4.5 million investment in programs that support news publishers

This includes the creation of the Facebook Membership Accelerator, a three-month $3.5 million pilot program to designed to help news organizations with membership models take a bold step forward in their membership approach and execution. We’ll also be contributing $1m to the 2018 NewsMatch campaign and extending the Local News Subscriptions Accelerator through the end of the year.  (Facebook)

YouTube show Fanta Squad is good for a laugh

First of all, let me say that the main aim of this show is to get teens to buy Fanta. The show is to boost sales. This short web series sees Kat, Matt and Tafire take on challenges set by the show’s producers and Fanta’s brand ambassador. Thought we would include this as the promotional content is being reviewed as show in its own right. 

Facebook wants to help you find a mentor with its latest Groups feature

Facebook isn’t settling for just finding long-lost acquaintances, a new job, or even a date — the social media network will now help users find mentors. On Thursday, August 9, Facebook launched Mentorship, a program within Groups that helps users find a mentor for professional or personal development (digitaltrends) 

Are your Social Media Adverts compliant?

We Caught up with the advertising standards authority and find out what the ASA is doing to help social media marketers and creators to keep on the right side of the advertising regulation. (SocialDay) 







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