Social Media Daily News Roundup 10.08.18

Here are all the stories you need to know before the weekend. Is ITGV the platform to change social media, Facebook now deletes posts that financially endanger or trick people. Facebook closes friends list feeds. When Twitter engineers speak out Jack listens. Why have 3 million users left Snapchat? A look at Duplex, Googles AI Chatbot. YouTube now recommends the best phones for playback (iPhone is not one of them). Anchor now lets podcaster receive patron style pledges.


IGTV Instagram TV: a platform with potential to change social media

Analysis (The Drum)



Facebook now deletes posts that financially endanger/trick people

It’s not just inciting violence, threats and hate speech that will get Facebook to remove posts by you or your least favourite troll. Endangering someone financially, not just physically, or tricking them to earn a profit (TechCrunch)

Facebook nixes Friend List Feeds, but Friend Lists live on

Facebook has been culling various features that take it away from its new "back to basics" emphasis on people over brands. It ended its Explore Feed test after it found that not many people liked splitting their news feed. Now the company is getting rid of another type of feed: Friend List Feeds.  (engadget)



IN SILICON VALLEY, engineers are king. Tech companies succeed or fail based on the talent of their developers, which gives those workers the leverage to shape the company culture. So when your engineers tell you there's a problem, you listen. (wired)


Why have 3 million users left Snapchat?

Photo sharing app Snapchat lost 3 million users during its most recent financial quarter, the first drop in daily activity in the company’s seven-year history. (The Week)


'Instaception' is the coolest new makeup trend on Instagram

Posting your makeup skills on Instagram is cool and all, but can you paint an Instagram post on your face? Makeup artists are flexing their skills with the Instaception challenge, going all out on one eye, and then painting borders so it looks like a screenshot of an Instagram post. (Mashable)


A look at DuplexGoogle's creepy AI chatbot

Duplex is a new Google tool that uses complex artificial intelligence (AI) to not only dial a phone number and conduct a voice conversation but ... (IT PRO)


YouTube now recommends the best phones for video playback, and it doesn’t suggest an iPhone

At its Note 9 announcement today, Samsung boasted the new phablet is a “YouTube Signature Device” for 2019. If you haven’t heard of that certification before, that’s because it’s a brand-new program YouTube just launched. (The Verge)


Anchor now lets podcasters receive Patreon-style pledges from listeners

Anchor’s app makes it really easy to throw together a podcast. But if you keep doing that and manage to build an audience, there hasn’t been an easy way to get paid for it. Now Anchor is launching an option: (The Verge)

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