Social Media Daily News Roundup 4.12.18

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Snap's Claire Valoti: How Snapchat plans to defy its critics after a tumultuous year

That is the message the picture messaging company’s international vice president, Claire Valoti, is keen to stress. At a time when fake news, disinformation, hacking, taxation and corporate scandals have engulfed many of Silicon Valley’s once darling tech companies, the app's parent company, Snap, feels it has been tarred by the same brush as some of its more unscrupulous competitors. (Telegraph)

Facebook’s ‘I already owned this’ retargeting feature gains little traction

Retargeting ads are the new pop-ups that people love to complain about. That’s why Facebook’s 3-year-old ad feedback option “I already own this” would seem like a no-brainer. But the feature is not embraced by Facebook or media buyers. (DigiDay)

'UK's youngest Instagram influencer' has bagged £10,000 of freebies aged ONE

A one-year-old baby has proved so popular as an Instagram star that he has already bagged more than £10,000 of freebies. Ralphie Waplington is in heavy demand from brands desperate to have him model their products. (Mirror)

Confessions of an ad buyer: ‘Sometimes a client’s media plan makes no sense’

In 2018, digital ad spending accounted for more than 51 percent of market share, toppling TV ad spending for the first time, according to Magna’s September forecast for the year. TV ad buyers are feeling the pressure. (DigiDay)

YouTube top earners: The seven-year-old making $22m

A seven-year-old boy who reviews toys has been revealed as YouTube's highest-earning star, raking in $22m (£17.3m). (BBC)

Reuters is seeing a revenue bump from monetized video views on Twitter

Reuters now has 10 people working in some capacity on video posted to its Twitter accounts, five of whom (in three languages) are monetised with Twitter’s pre-roll, mid-roll and sponsorship placements within video content. (DigiDay)

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