Social Media Daily News Roundup 5.12.18

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Facebook ends platform policy banning apps that copy its features

Facebook  will now freely allow developers to build competitors to its features upon its own platform. Today Facebook announced it will drop Platform Policy section 4.1, which stipulates “Add something unique to the community. Don’t replicate core functionality that Facebook already provides.” (TechCrunch)

Instagram: Here’s How to Add Users to Your Close Friends List

Instagram began rolling out a Close Friends feature last week, which allows users to share their Stories posts only with the users they’ve added to their Close Friends list. Our guide will show you how to populate that list. (Adweek)

Facebook removed post by ex-manager who said site 'failed' black people

In interview, Mark S Luckie describes irony of letter’s removal for violating ‘community standards’ before it was reinstated (Guardian)

Facebook continues putting Stories everywhere, and now it’s coming to all Groups

Facebook announced today that it’s rolling Group Stories out globally, after initially debuting them last year. The feature allows Group members to contribute to a collaborative story. (The Verge)

You can now share saved Facebook posts with a Pinterest-like collection tool

Facebook just made saving posts more social and less secretive. On Tuesday, December 4, Facebook announced shareable collections. The update allows the collections where Facebook’s saved posts are housed, to be shared with hand-picked friends that are added as contributors to the collection. (Digital Trends)

YouTube’s mobile apps will now autoplay videos on the Home tab by default

Autoplay on Home has proven popular with YouTube Premium users, so now it’s coming to the free apps as well (The Verge)

Christmas Gift Guide 2018: Perfect Ideas For The Aspiring YouTuber And Twitch Streamer

Perhaps they want to take the leap and have no idea where or how to start. It's actually much easier than many people think. I've been a YouTuber for the past 10 years and while my channel has had its ups and downs–mostly because I've devoted a lot of time to writing–I know what it takes to get started. (Forbes)

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