Social Media Daily News Roundup 3.12.18

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YouTube is rolling out its Instagram-like Stories feature to more creators

YouTube is expanding its Instagram-like Stories capability to more creators today, giving those with more than 10,000 subscribers the chance to use the tool. (The Verge)

World watches as Australian regulator rules on Facebook and Google

ACCC set to hand down preliminary report into digital platforms and whether they are competing fairly with traditional media (The Guardian)

Instagram rolls out Stories for close friends to keep platform intimate

On Friday, the photo-sharing network announced the ability to share Stories with a smaller group of friends. The feature, called Close Friends, has begun rolling out globally. (CNN)

TikTok, Brings Fun Back to Social Media

About an hour after downloading TikTok, the popular video-sharing app, I experienced a bizarre sensation, one I haven’t felt in a long time while on the internet. The knot in my chest loosened, my head felt injected with helium, and the corners of my mouth crept upward into a smile. (New York Times)

It’s time to stop tearing down ‘lazy’ YouTube stars and influencers

It’s the year of our lord 2018, the YouTube community has been thriving for 12 or so years, and it seems it’s still a trend to write derogatory, under-researched, clickbait op-eds about ‘influencers’. I for one could not be more done with it. (Metro)

Facebook must recognise it is more than a platform

There have been so many revelations about poor governance at Facebook, it is hard to pick which is the most troubling. Extremism has been promoted on the platform. A child bride was allegedly auctioned. Elections have been interfered with. Another company might at this point question whether its business model is ethically sound. Facebook instead remains largely in a state of denial. (FT)

Stuart Hall