Social Media Daily News Roundup 30.11.18

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Instagram Allows More People To 'See' Your Posts

This latest, and perhaps most unexpected, move from Instagram will be a welcome development for those less able to interact with its almost entirely photo-based interface. (Forbes)

Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg asked if George Soros was shorting stock

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer, asked if George Soros was shorting the company’s stock, a revelation that will lead to new questions about her role in a misinformation effort by the social network. (Financial Times)

Facebook to require proof that political ads come from UK

Social network to act against ‘dark adverts’ with compulsory disclaimers saying who paid (Guardian)

How to See What Twitter Thinks Your Interests Are

Today I learned that Twitter thinks I’m interested in literature, beer, hip-hop, and I really like my friends Ina and Harry (I’m double interested in both of them for some reason). When it comes to me, Twitter thinks I’m known for being a technology journalist, as well as “other.” I’ve never been so proud! (Lifehacker)

Hooking them young? “Amazon Teen” is targeting kids on Snapchat

Because it’s apparently not enough to have parents ordering cereal and watching The Man In The High Castle on Amazon Prime, the retail behemoth has been marketing a new-ish service called Amazon Teen to encourage youngsters to make their own purchases through their parents’ Prime accounts. (FastCompany)

YouTube Premium is changing because it has to

YouTube is gearing up to offer its prestige lineup of original series and films for free to all users, turning to its traditional ad-supported system in an attempt to bring in more viewers. (The Verge)

Under Armour is running a YouTube series on IGTV

Under Armour is dipping its toes into Instagram’s IGTV to distribute episodic content, but it’s starting with a series originally conceived for YouTube. (DigiDay)

Earlier this year we could not help but be impressed with the adidas ultraBOOST Xeno shoe campaign on Instagram stories, it was a well executed campaign that engaged its target audience.

Stuart Hall