Meet We are Social - Instagram Stories Case Study

Earlier this year we could not help but be impressed with the adidas ultraBOOST Xeno shoe campaign on Instagram stories, it was a well executed campaign that engaged its target audience.

We see many case studies on Instagram stories (as you’d expect running a social media event) but this one was slightly different to the norm we caught up with Andrew Boyers -Senior Account Director at We are Social to get his view on the campaign, Instagram Stories, working with clients and a few more questions.

Using the polls feature sneaker heads, runners and those who love buying new trainers were able to design the special edition trainer. To incentivise the campaign a few pairs would be given away to a lucky few.

The team managed to deliver 149,000 completions for the eight-part Instagram Story and 3000% increase on average swipe up rates for the channel. The final post announcing the winning shoe design smashed previous engagement records by 267%

Watch the interview here:

Stuart Hall