Social Media Daily News Roundup 13.2.18

Today’s news! So you don’t have to go anywhere else. ContentCal share 2019 predictions from experts, #Fortnite fastest growing hashtag on Instagram in 2018, Facebook Life Events gets an update, Twitch eyes potential of closer ties to Amazon, The highest paid YouTuber of 2018. Do you have any news, updates, tools or stories that you’s like to share with us? Get in touch

Social media marketing in 2019: trends, predictions, and advice from the experts

Social media marketing in 2019 could get pretty interesting. 2018 gave those in the industry quite a few curve-balls here and there with algorithm changes, the dark horse LinkedIn rising through the ranks, and plenty of new features from our favourite social channels. As a result, this next year has the potential to be a real plot twist compared to previous years.

Fortnite, K-pop, and bright red hearts: What ruled Instagram in 2018

The company released its year in review, a look at the top emojis, hashtags, and communities of 2018. The read heart emoji was used 14 billion times in comments; #fortnite became the fastest growing hashtag globally; ASMR took the crown for the top niche community; and the legion of fans behind K-Pop group BTS propelled the boy band to Instagram’s top fandom community.

Facebook 'Life Events' update is great for people who love a throwback

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook is redesigning its "Life Events" feature with useful updates that can help users spruce up the posts marking the important moments that they want to remember and share. 

Twitch eyes potential of closer ties with Amazon

Chief operating officer says its ‘highly possible’ SVoD service will harness her platform’s fan-led approach

Amazon Prime Video has the opportunity to incorporate more interactive elements as it forges closer ties with Twitch, according to the gaming platform’s chief operating officer.

WATCH: The highest paid YouTube stars for 2018

DURBAN – Forbes has released their list of the Highest Paid YouTube Stars for 2018 and Ryan ToysReview has taken the number one spot. 

YouTube stars now have gone from just doing videos of the YouTube site to brand partnerships, a clothing line and having millions of fans.

Here is a look at the top five Highest Paid YouTube Stars for 2018:

Stuart Hall