Daily News Roundup 12/12/18

Good Morning! Here’s today’s Social Media Stories, you need to know about! Social Media surpasses newspapers as a news source, instagram is testing influencer accounts, facebook to know where you are going before you do, the most powerful profiles on Linkedin. Enjoy.

Social media surpasses newspapers as news source - study

Facebook will know where you are going before you do, new plans reveal

Facebook is set to know where you are going before you do and send you targeted adverts for your destination, after filing a new technology patent in the US.

Instagram is testing Creator Accounts for high-profile influencers

Instagram is testing new Creator Accounts that will give high-profile influencers and celebrities the ability to filter direct messages and offer more in-depth analytics over their follower counts.

Snapchat Launches ‘Solutions In A Snap’ Content Series To Help Advertisers On Its Platform

Snapchat has announced “Solutions in a Snap: Commerce,” the first in a new content series where advertisers hear directly from Snapchat experts on how to drive business results on its platform. 

Snapchat publishers prize loyalty and retention metrics over simple views

Snapchat’s early claim to fame was disappearing content, where some publishers got excited by getting a millisecond of a millennial’s attention span, and advertisers were charged by the second. But as time has gone on, publishers say they’re monitoring several metrics beyond a view count.

The most powerful LinkedIn profiles for 2018

Retail Zoo Founder Janine Allis, Telstra executives and Afterpay CEO Nick Molnar are among the 34 LinkedIn Power Profiles.

Lucy Hall