Social Media Daily News Roundup 28.11.18

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‘We don’t pay influencers on reach’: How Kellogg’s is combating influencer fraud

Kellogg’s is no longer paying influencers solely based on their reach because it has no way of knowing whether that engagement is real or fake. (DigiDay)

Mark Zuckerberg Slammed After Failing to Show for Grilling by Global Lawmakers

Mark Zuckerberg was represented by an empty chair at an “international grand committee” on fake news and disinformation in London on Tuesday, after repeatedly refusing invitations to give evidence to lawmakers present representing nine countries. (Time)

3 Instagram Story hacks that you might not have known existed

You have mastered the basics, now it is time to take your creativity to the next level (

LinkedIn’s Share Box Is Getting a New Look

LinkedIn is in the process of rolling out a revamped share box, with completion expected in the coming weeks. (Adweek)

Facebook employee blasts 'black people problem' at social network

A black former Facebook employee has accused the company of maintaining a climate of racial discrimination in which black and Latino workers are feared, marginalised and harassed by security guards. (Guardian)

Ahead of ad products, TikTok is the hot new app that ad agencies are eyeing

TikTok, the short-form video app that combined with in August, has yet to launch ad units for brands or formal monetisation products for creators. But over the last month, agencies have been paying closer attention to the app. (DigiDay)

Stuart Hall