Social Media Daily News Roundup 26.11.18 November 27, 2018

Facebook's YouTube competitor is pivoting to older audiences as teens tune out and publishers balk

Facebook Watch has failed to get recognition with users, who aren't used to watching long videos on Facebook.

Careful curation is what matters on Instagram – even in the ‘outtakes’

Influencer Natalie Hintze paired a skateboarding selfie with a video of her falling over. But there’s no such thing as behind the scenes on social media

Instagram is testing a redesign of profiles

Instagram is planning to update the app according to feedback from users, and is testing a redesign of profiles. Changes would be to the arrangement of features, icons, buttons, as well as how users navigate between tabs on the platform.

We're overspending for the love of a 'like' on Instagram. Here's how to stop.

According to a recent Chase Slate survey, 77 percent of millennials made purchases that they would then Instagram, including food, vacations and clothing, and were willing to spend nearly twice as much money to achieve the perfect post ($137) as the general population ($70).

Predictim babysitter app: Facebook and Twitter take action

An app that claims to vet babysitters is being investigated by Facebook, and has been blocked altogether by Twitter.

Victoria Beckham is launching her own YouTube channel for beauty tips and styling tutorials to the excitement of fans.

“Today I have special news to share,” Beckham wrote on November 24. “I will be launching my own YouTube channel with beauty tutorials, styling tips and lots of stuff from me.”

The Strange See-Saw Of The PewDiePie-T Series YouTube Tussle

Jimmy ‘Mr. Beast’ Donaldson bought space on every billboard in his town to promote the Youtube star PewDiePie, asking people to subscribe to PewDiePie’s YouTube channel and unsubscribe from the YouTube channel of the Indian music record label and film production company, T-Series.