Social Media News Roundup 25.10.18

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Apple's Tim Cook takes aim at Google and Facebook over 'weaponised data'

Apple's Tim Cook has warned that mass data collection from tech companies is "surveillance" as data is "weaponised against us with military efficiency". (Telegraph)

How Twitter is testing ways to improve ‘conversation’

Despite Twitter’s renewed mainstream attention stemming from President Trump’s tweets and Kanye’s tweets, Twitter has been working to get more people to join and use the platform every day. (DigiDay)

‘Google a decade ago’: Buyers still have gripes about Amazon advertising 

For a $3 billion ad business, with Citibank projecting it to reach $50 billion in the next decade, Amazon is still failing at many of the basics, according to ad buyers, with common complaints around slow and rudimentary tools and dashboards, case studies and robust sales support for buyers. (DigiDay)

Facebook is building Lasso, a video music app to steal TikTok’s teens

Facebook  is working on a new app that it hopes could win back the attention of teens while capitalizing on its recently-attained major label music licenses. Facebook is building a standalone product where users can record and share videos of themselves lip syncing or dancing to popular songs, according to information from current and former Facebook employees. (TechCrunch)

Facebook says it removed 8.7M child exploitation posts with new machine learning tech

Facebook announced today that it has removed 8.7 million pieces of content last quarter that violated its rules against child exploitation, thanks to new technology. (TechCrunch)

Twitter tests status updates and ‘ice breaker’ tweets

Last month, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey told the House Committee on Energy and Commerce that one of his company's goals is to "increase the health of public conversation" on its platform. And it's a talking point Twitter has come back to throughout the year. (Engaget)

PewDiePie vs T-Series: The most popular channel on YouTube is ...

The title for the world's most popular YouTube channel is about to change hands, with T-Series ready to claim the top spot that has been held by PewDiePie since 2013. (Independent)

Girlboss to Take on LinkedIn With Its Own Social Network

Girlboss’ next move is taking on LinkedIn. The career site geared toward millennial women founded by Sophia Amoruso recently got a $3.5 million cash infusion in a funding round led by Initialized Capital, the venture capital group run by Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. (entrepreneur)

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