Social Media Campaign of the Year B2B

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B2B social Media: its all about posting some content on LinkedIn right? and ensuring your employees are “brand advocates”… organically sending your message out on your behalf…….. 🙃

What ever the market sector, the niche, when you mention social media and business to business many marketers start to glaze over.

The business starts to think about “lead generation” lets schedule a meeting to discuss our pipeline and funnel tactics. Key stakeholders spot a linkedIn post about social media algorithm hacking in their news feeds, next thing you know they are a marketing authority, telling the in-house marketing team and external agencies how we should be marketing.

Oh and of course we have the growth-hacking,

Okay, enough!!! STOP

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From the outside looking in, B2B is never viewed in the same light as consumer marketing, yet with extremely challenging briefs which often have difficult targeting challenges, you’ll actually see some of the most innovative campaigns in social media.

We have been extremely impressed with the quality of entries in the B2B social media campaign of the year category and are looking forward to bringing you some case studies from the bright minds who have developed the campaigns.

The shortlisted companies were chosen based on the campaign ability to not only engage the target audience but to understand the audience. Of course in B2B marketing results play a pivotal role and this was a large factor in these entries making the shortlist.

Here is the B2B shortlist for Social Media Campaign of the Year Business to Business:

  • Dropbox - Pulse Comms

  • Jewson - On the tools

  • The British Damage Management Association - Realia Marketing

  • DAF Trucks UK - Big Sound Marketing

  • THW - THW Marketing

  • Aon - Pensions Podcast

  • Robert Half - My Social Agency

Good luck to the shortlisted campaigns and we look forward to seeing who the judges decide is the winner on the 29th October at Club Tropicana.

Stuart Hall