Social Media News Roundup 3.10.18

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The next chatbot you speak to could be hiring

Interesting blog post pushed into our notifications by linkedIn yesterday, the in house news team have produced an nice article on chatbots (LinkedIn)

How Diageo is using Amazon Echo and Google Home

Diageo is plowing ahead in its use of popular smart speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Assistant with a new campaign that uses them to offer samples of Diageo’s vegan Bailey’s Almande. (DigiDay)

Facebook gives third-party apps the all-clear

Facebook has toned down its Friday warning that stolen credentials could be used to compromise third-party apps. (The Register)

Huge Facebook breach leaves thousands of other apps vulnerable

The breach affecting 50m accounts took advantage of ‘tokens’, a system used by third-party platforms such as Spotify, In depth report (Guardian)

Twitter Announces New Rules Targeting Imposter and Spam Accounts

Last month, Gizmodo uncovered a disturbing scheme where Twitter spammers were apparently impersonating more than a dozen real women to sell diet pills. Now, it seems, the site is introducing new rules to help stop fake accounts like these. (Gizmodo)

The virtual vloggers taking over YouTube

A young Japanese woman sporting a giant pink bow and white opera gloves looks into the camera and gleefully greets her YouTube audience (BBC)

Facebook follows Twitch and YouTube with launch of Premieres, live polls and fan badges

Facebook today announced the global launch of Premieres, its new interactive video format that allows creators to pre-record a video for fans, then release it during a viewing window they choose, as more of a live event. (TechCrunch)

Facebook Publishes New Report on the Growing Benefits of Messaging for Business

No doubt you're aware that messaging is on the rise, and that a growing number of consumers are turning away from publicly sharing their thoughts and experiences on social in favour of more private online discussion.  (Social Media Today)

Stuart Hall