Social Media News Roundup 11.10.18

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With Snapchat Commercials, advertisers see a ‘cheap alternative’ to competitors

With the launch of Snap Originals — more formalised original programming within Snapchat — the app once known as a messaging app for teens is becoming more similar to mobile TV. And with the growth of content comes the rise of TV-like ad formats. (Digiday Member)

Twitter puts an end to creating 'moments' feature on the phone 

Twitter has announced killing the ability to create "Moments" within the iOS and Android apps because it was apparently not seeing a lot of use of the feature that essentially gives users a way to stitch multiple tweets together to tell a story. (Economic Times)

Snapchat unveils new original shows to lure back users

Snapchat is hoping its new original content will help bring back former users and appeal to existing ones. (CNN)

Facebook should pay a 'mental health' levy for the damage it causes, says NHS boss

Facebook and Instagram should be forced to fund treatment of mental health problems because of the damage caused by social media, the head of the NHS has suggested. (Telegraph)

The Facebook engineer who wrote a controversial memo decrying the company's 'intolerant' culture is leaving

Brian Amerige, the Facebook engineer who sparked a firestorm at Facebook with his criticism of what he called a "political monoculture" that is "intolerant" of conservatism, is leaving the company. (Business Insider)

Viacom Expands Content Efforts on Snap, YouTube, Twitter

Viacom Digital Studios is stepping up its programming investments on social media with a new slate of content unveiled Wednesday at the NewFronts West event in Los Angeles (Variety)

LinkedIn rolls out new AI-powered diversity tools, aiming to tackle gender gaps in recruiting

LinkedIn today unveiled several new features powered by to help companies better plan for, hire, and develop diverse and inclusive teams. (Geek Wire)

Jacksepticeye and Wiishu have split up, YouTube stars announce

Two of YouTube's biggest stars in the world have broken up, they have announced. The vloggers known as Jacksepticeye and Wiishu (Independent)

Researchers unveil tool to track disinformation on social media

Researchers released a new tool Wednesday to track how many stories posted on social media are coming from sources known to publish disinformation. (The Hill)

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