Social Media News Roundup 12.10.18

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Facebook rolls out 3D photos that use AI to simulate depth

What if you could peek behind what’s in your photos, like you’re moving your head to see what’s inside a window? That’s the futuristic promise of Facebook 3D photos.  (TechCrunch)

Instagram tests tapping instead of scrolling through posts, first in Explore

The effortless way you fast forward through Stories could be coming to more of Instagram . A screenshot from user Suprateek Bose shows Instagram “Introducing a new way to move through posts — Tap through posts, just like you tap through stories.” (TechCrunch)

Facebook is adding support for 250-person

chats in Groups

Today, Facebook is adding a new feature to Groups: giant, intergroup Messenger chats with the option to add up to 250 people, (The Verge)

All emoji on Twitter now count for only two characters

In the biggest change the platform has seen since the switch to 280 characters, Twitter has changed the way it counts characters for emoji. Previously, some emoji — like those with additionally defined gender or skin tone — counted as more characters than others, due to the method of their encoding. But as of now, all emoji will be counted equally as two characters. (Android Police)

YouTube gives the boot to Partners who post 'duplicative content

If you’re a YouTube Partner uploading someone else’s work, beware. YouTube is checking in on you and might revoke your Partner privileges. (Mashable)

Facebook Portal vs. Google Home Hub vs. Amazon Echo Show

It's been a busy couple of weeks for smart displays, an emerging category of voice-activated touchscreens seeking a place in your living room or kitchen. (Cnet)

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