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Top news headlines:

Snapchat extends video ad limit to 3 minutes

Twitter Launches Lists as Alternate, Swipeable Timelines on iOS

Google introduces ‘Simpler ways to drive growth across the customer journey with video’

Snapchat extends video ad limit to 3 minutes, but viewers can still skip - AdAge

Snapchat is relaxing its time constraints for ads, allowing marketers to deliver videos of up to three minutes long, instead of the 10-second cap that has been in place since the platform first started showing commercials in 2014.

On Tuesday, Snapchat was set to announce the new time limit on video ads during Advertising Week in New York City. “Snapchat pioneered vertical video and we were one of the early creators of mobile premium content,” says David Roter, Snapchat’s VP of global agency partnerships, during a phone interview ahead of Advertising Week. “We’re now expanding the maximum duration of Snap ads.”

How will this affect you 

  • If you create ads for Snapchat, you could potentially be seeing better results of viewers watching more of your video. Where before, viewers had to swipe up to view more, Snapchat has taken this away and allowing up to 3 minutes of ads.

  • Tip: Tell a captivating story within your ads, viewers will want to stay until the end. Nobody likes an unfinished story.

Twitter Launches Lists as Alternate, Swipeable Timelines on iOS

Twitter users will now be able to pin up to five selected lists from their 'Lists' settings and have them appear as swipeable feeds from the home timeline. This will give users more ways to access specific discussions on the platform, which may make it a more engaging, interactive experience.

For example, you might like staying up to date with the latest tweets on your favourite TV show while it's airing, but also use Twitter for professional purposes during the day, keeping up with industry news and the like. It can be annoying to have your main feed interrupted with recap updates from that show - but now, you'll be able to separate those discussions completely, enabling you to engage with the program discussion when you choose, and keep it hidden when you're not interested.

Top Tips to use this feature 

As a marketer, if you’re not using lists you’re missing out on a valuable feature. You can add accounts to your lists without following them and keep up to date on their tweets separately from your feed. 

  • Use lists to monitor your competitors and keep up to date with their content

  • Create a list with industry experts or blogs who share interesting posts you can share or engage with

  • Add your clients to a list, including all professional accounts and business accounts

Google introduces ‘Simpler ways to drive growth across the customer journey with video’ 

We’re constantly working on better ways to help you achieve your marketing goals—whether you want to build awareness for a brand, shift perceptions, or drive a specific action. But while it’s great to have options, mixing and matching these solutions takes time and can add complexity. Today we’re announcing Video reach campaigns—a simpler, more efficient way for marketers to achieve their brand awareness goals with YouTube. 

Rather than managing separate campaigns for 6-second bumper adsskippable in-stream ads, and non-skippable in-stream ads, now you can upload multiple video creatives into a single campaign. From there, Google’s machine learning will automatically serve the most efficient combination of these formats to help you reach your audience at scale.

For brands looking to build a full-funnel video strategy, we recommend complementing Video reach campaigns with TrueView for action to drive whatever online action is important to your business. Soon TrueView for action ads will seamlessly extend to the YouTube Home feed, a tremendous opportunity for any advertiser looking to drive more, high value conversions. The Home feed has long been a great place for users to discover their next favorite creator, and now it can be a great place for them to take action with your brand.

Jade Halstead