Social Media Daily News Roundup 13.03.19

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Instagram adds option to turn off notifications

Facebook-owned photo-messaging app Instagram is giving users more control over their notifications by rolling out an option that would mute app notifications for a chosen period of time -- much like WhatsApp's mute feature. (Business Standard)

Study: How people use Instagram to research, discover, and make purchasing decisions

Facebook has commissioned a study to understand how people use Instagram and how they actually perceive brand content to the platform.

As part of the study, they surveyed 21,000 people ages 13–64 who used Instagram at least once a week across 13 countries (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, France, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States). (ClickZ)

Twitter’s new beta app offers threaded replies, and it’s fine

The Verge got access to twttr on Tuesday, and spent the past few hours reading and posting replies using the app’s new threading features. (The Verge)

Twitter launches its first podcast, ‘Character Count,’ focused on its ad business

Twitter today is joining the podcasting arena. This morning, the social network is launching its first-ever podcast series with a new show focused on Twitter’s advertising business, which it’s calling “Character Count.” The company says, for now, it’s testing the waters with five already produced episodes of around 25 to 30 minutes in length. (TechCrunch)

10 Video Marketing Statistics for 2019

You may have heard this already, but video should be a key consideration for all digital marketers, with video content performing better than all other types on social platforms. ()SocialMediaToday)

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