Social Media News Roundup

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‘Management thought media buying was just about saving money’: Confessions of a marketer

Agencies can be as much a help as they can be a hindrance to growing an in-house team, according to a marketer. (DigiDay)

TikTok adds video reactions to its newly-merged app

Just about a month after the merger of the short-form video apps and TikTok, the app is introducing a new social feature, allowing users to post their reactions to the videos that they watch. (TechCrunch)

Facebook Is Down but the Twitter Reactions Are Hilarious

No, the apocalypse is not upon us though it may feel that way if you're a regular user of Facebook, Instagram, and a few other social media platforms today. Users around the world attempted to log in today only to discover that the services weren't just being slow or finicky. They're in a full-fledged outage. So, what do you do when Facebook is down? (ComicBook)

Twitter update that tells you who's online is 'good news for stalkers'

A new Twitter update that allows people to see when other users are online has been criticised for leaving people vulnerable to cyberstalking. (Independent)

Sexism, price deflation, social media spend: 5 killer stats to start your week

We arm you with the numbers marketers need for the coming week including the percentage or filmmakers who think the ad industry is sexist and UK consumer confidence climbs in Augus (Marketing Week)

Nasa's social media deputy talks IGTV, VR and govt control

From Facebook setbacks to Snapchat triumphs, what’s a marketer to do when it comes to navigating the rapidly changing world of social media?

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