Social Media Daily News Roundup 28.08.18

Well we hope you made the most of the bank holiday weekend, the news has been dominated by a certain YouTube fight and you can't miss the breakdowns, the analysis and the lessons you can learn from that event. We have grabbed the best social media news from the weekend for you to catch up on! 


Facebook is being eclipsed by its youthful rival Snapchat

Facebook has officially lost its cool. Snapchat is set to overtake it as the digital hangout of choice for teens and twentysomethings this year, (Guardian)

KSI v Logan Paul: Twitch pirates outnumbered YouTube payers

Amazon's Twitch is facing criticism after reports that pirated streams of two boxing matches featuring YouTube celebrities that it hosted attracted more viewers than official channels.

Viral: You Might Need A Hand With This Illusion That Has Twitter Confused

The Internet loves a good optical illusion, and one that is doing the rounds right now definitely has everyone hooked. A video, shared on August 22 on Twitter, shows a hand-swapping optical illusion trick that has left everyone watching it stumped. (NDTV)

LinkedIn update adds remote job searches and salary data

The company said it wants to make job searches easier for younger generations to find their perfect match (IT Pro)

Snapchat now lets you send musical GIFs

Music GIF provider TuneMoji has announced that it’s integrated within Snapchat, as reported by Business Insider. This means that users with the TuneMoji app installed can send clips to their Snap story, or within a chat. (The Verge)

YouTube expands unskippable ads to more creators

Official Creator Insider channel, YouTube has announced that it will be expanding the role that non-skippable ads play on its platform. The company has announced that it will be rolling out non-skippable ads to all content creators who are able to monetize their videos. (Digital Trends)

Meet the people making a living live-streaming their niche hobbies

Meet the people making a living live-streaming their niche hobbies, travel adventures, and everyday lives on Twitch (Business Insider) 

Continuing charm offensive, Facebook creates tool to boost news publishers’ reach on the platform

Continuing its charm offensive with news publishers, Facebook has been testing a tool with five publishers including BuzzFeed to help them improve their reach on the platform. (DigiDay)

For IGTV, Instagram needs slow to mean steady

Instagram has never truly failed at anything, but judging by modest initial view counts, IGTV could get stuck with a reputation as an abandoned theatre if the company isn’t careful.  (TechCrunch)





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