Interview with Paul Ince (not the footballer) the Superstar Marketer

This week in our quick interview we talk to Paul Ince, Director of Like Mind Media and Co Founder of MarketEd Live.  


How did you get started working in Social Media?

I worked for a big national IT company and created content for them alongside companies like Microsoft and Sage. I was a technical strategist, but I was able to give my expertise via social channels and did lots of early videos marketing (before it was trendy). When I was looking to start a business, it was pretty obvious what I should do.

You recently became part of a world cup campaign, what did you learn from the experience?

Well, it was pretty random at first – I was approached through LinkedIn (the power of social).

It was fascinating working with a large (I mean super-large, well-known scale) agency – I enjoyed filming and the whole showbiz thing (it really was showbiz), but I took a lot from their processes too.


What have been the hardest elements of running an agency?

I guess expectation. There’s no silver bullet in marketing. Most of it is skill, but there’s some luck too. Setting expectation can sometimes be challenging. You can’t necessarily make something viral. What you can do is work towards business goals and deliver results that genuinely contribute towards them.

What advice would you give yourself if you could go back in time and make life easier when starting out?

Do it sooner. I wish I’d have started ten years before I did.

We have witnessed your legendary dancing and your karaoke on several nights out how else do you like to relax outside the world of social media?

I like to work through some of the complexities of neo-global politics.

You Co-Founded MarketEd Live last year, we heard great things about the content, what made you decide to launch an event?

I live in a part of the UK that doesn’t get a huge amount of attention. Until they found a dead king in a car park and Leicester City Football Club won the premier league, no one really paid attention to Leicester, where I live. The East Midlands has a huge number of great companies and agencies within it and everyone has to travel to go to events. We wanted to create an event that was hosted in the East Midlands, at East Midlands prices, and to still bring the best speakers from across the UK and internationally.

What can delegates expect to learn this year?


We’re in the wonderful historic city of Nottingham. It has a big creative industry here and a vibrant marketing community. We’ve brought together a variety of experts to talk about different areas of marketing. Even if you specialise in one area of marketing, it’s important to understand how different disciplines fit together. Last year we had some exceptional feedback about the session on SEO, that changed people’s views and allowed them to implement better strategies – that’s what we’re looking for: outcomes that improve business. People won’t be disappointed in our line up. We have the Beano, EE, the President of the CIPR, Chris Marr, Timothy Armoo and Chris Strub all speaking.

If you want to check out Paul's event head to we visited last year and have to say it was a fantastic experience.  


Stuart Hall