Social Media Daily News Roundup 23.11.18

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Facebook is in a relationship with your local paper. It’s complicated

In the UK, the very thing that has helped bring about the collapse of local news is now seemingly offering it an olive branch. What could possibly go wrong? (Wired)

Facebook joins the streaming wars

Set to premiere in the new year, Uncovered will be a news analysis programme and, interestingly, it won’t be on the TV but on Facebook Watch, a new on-demand video channel. (Evening Standard)

Shop til you Snap: Snapchat Launches a…shopping channel?

Unsurprisingly landing just in time for Black Friday, Shop and Cop will feature “everything from exclusive drops to unique offers.” The deals will be curated by Snapchat itself and Shopify will handle the actual process of buying. (Apple Mag)

Brands are hiring specialists to run Amazon campaigns

Advertisers want to take management of their Amazon ad campaigns in-house, and they’re looking to hire people who can navigate Amazon’s sprawling ad business. (DigiDay)

Linkedin now lets you prevent users from exporting your email address

Microsoft is improving LinkedIn’s privacy by adding a toggle to prevent your email address from being swept up in another user’s data archive. (MSpowerUser)

YouTube rolls out merchandise selling function

YouTube has introduced a new feature that allows users to sell their own merchandise through their channels. (Drapers)

A year in, Marks & Spencer’s virtual assistant has helped drive £2m in sales

A year since U.K. retailer Marks & Spencer launched a virtual assistant on its website, one of the technology’s developers says it’s saved online sales worth £2 million ($2.5 million) that the company could have otherwise lost. (DigiDay)

IBM’s Michelle Peluso: Marketers need to be retrained on new skills

For as many people as think AI and blockchain are the future of the industry, others think they won’t amount to much. IBM, however, has made a big bet that both will transform the industry and help the company reclaim its status as a top leader in technology. (DigiDayUK)

Stuart Hall