Social Media Daily News Roundup 14.11.18

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Can you become an Instagram influencer in a week?

Kenyan social media sceptic Joey agrees to live her life on Instagram for a week to see what happens. But can she remain true to herself when the line between real and fake starts to blur? (BBC)

First 5G cities in UK named by EE

EE has announced which six UK cities will be the first to get faster 5G mobile networks. Building on existing trials, EE will turn on 5G in London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Belfast, Birmingham and Manchester by mid-2019 (BBC)

Facebook recruits Essence's Nick Baughan to be UK agencies chief

Facebook has poached Nick Baughan to be director of agencies in the UK and Ireland, looking after revenue and relationships for both media and creative agencies. (Campaign)

Advertisers Are Giving People With 1,000 Instagram Followers Endorsement Deals

Want to shill yoga pants on Instagram like your favourite Kardashian but only have 1/100,000 of her reach? According to a new report from the New York Times, you might be in luck. (Fortune)

Want to Use Instagram Stories Like a Real Influencer? Try These 4 Apps

The more “aesthetic” the better. Mix your fonts. Create a narrative using entirely emoji. Screenshot a rainbow pattern, draw over it using the black paint tool, and then use the eraser to write a colourful message. (Vulture)

Your Snapchat friendships now have their own profiles — and merchandise

Snap has long resisted traditional social network profiles, arguing that a network of close friends didn’t need them. (You already know what your friends look like and where they go to school, the company said.) (The Verge)

LinkedIn Re-Created Its Company Pages Experience From Scratch

LinkedIn Company Pages are now LinkedIn Pages, and vice president of products Tomer Cohen said during a press briefing Tuesday that the pages experience has been rebuilt from scratch. (Adweek)

Who Were LinkedIn’s 2018 Top Voices for Marketing and Social Media?

The professional network said it measured activity from September 2017 through mid-September of this year, factoring in engagement (including comments and reshares) with original content and relative follower growth. LinkedIn and Microsoft employees were excluded from the list. (Adweek)

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