Social Media Daily News Roundup 13.11.18

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Interview with Sir Craig Oliver - Former Director of Communications to the Prime Minister

Find out what emphasis is placed on Social Media at number 10 and how business compare when using Social Media for comms according to Sir Craig. (SocialDay)

Twitter considering an edit button to change tweets, says Jack Dorsey

Twitter is considering introducing an edit button to correct errors in tweets, according to the social media platform's chief executive (Telegraph)

Snapchat's head of content steps down

Nick Bell, Snapchat's vice president of content, is leaving the company according to The Hollywood Reporter. Bell, who has been with Snapchat for the last five years, posted a memo to staff confirming his departure, but did not offer any specific reasoning behind the announcement. (Engadget)

Channel 4 News to launch news show on Facebook Watch

Channel 4 News announced today a partnership with Facebook to produce a new weekly news show, ‘Uncovered,’ exclusively for Facebook Watch. (C4)

We Are Now Entering The Post-Facebook Era

The evidence suggests that the emerging Generation Z (if such labels mean anything anymore) is increasingly turning its collective back on social networks, or at least on social networks as we know them. (Forbes)

Facebook will allow French regulators to monitor content moderation processes

Earlier today, French president Emmanuel Macron announced that regulators from France will be allowed to study Facebook and its attempts to moderate hate speech on its platform, which will give French officials significant access into how the company vets offensive content. (The Verge)

YouTube chief says EU copyright plan could lead to blocked access

Susan Wojcicki warns that article 13 proposal sets video site an ‘impossible’ task (Financial Times)

YouTube VR finally lands on the Oculus Go

Today, Google’s YouTube  VR app arrives on the $199 Oculus Go, bringing the largest library of VR content on the web to Facebook’s entry-level VR device. (TechCrunch)

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