Social Media News Roundup 26.10.18

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Does a bigger budget = better content?

What would happen if you spent $1000 on video content, and then $10,000 on the same brief, and again if you spent $100,000? (SocialDay)

Snapchat loses 2M more users in Q3 as shares sink to new low

Snapchat continued to shrink in Q3 2018 but its business is steadily improving. Snapchat’s daily active user count dropped again, this time by 1 percent to 186 million, down from 188M and a negative 1.5 percent growth rate in Q2. (TechCrunch)

Facebook fined 10 minutes’ sales over Cambridge Analytica scandal

Facebook was handed a £500,000 fine by the data watchdog yesterday for allowing the company Cambridge Analytica to access its users’ personal data without their explicit consent. (Times)

Facebook is expanding its music offering for users and for artists.

The Music on Facebook Stories feature allows songs to be added to photos and videos. The feature works when a user takes a photo or video from the Facebook Camera or their camera roll, then taps the sticker icon and selects a music sticker. (Music Business News)

On Instagram, there’s an influencer for everything. Even pumpkins.

The beauty of the internet is that if you are into something, there is someone else who is into it, too. Instagram is full of accounts with relatively small but devoted followings: not the Kim Kardashian Wests of the world, with hundreds of millions of followers, but people with tens of thousands of followers who are specifically interested in whatever they are posting about: Design. Puppies. Pictures of themselves. (Vox)

Twitter is making more money with fewer users

Twitter is making more money with fewer users, helping offset investors' concerns about ongoing efforts to purge bad actors and clean up the platform. (CNN)

YouTube is closing the gap with Twitch on live streaming, report finds

Twitch continues to dominate the live streaming market, with approximately 2.5 billion hours watched by viewers in the third quarter of 2018, according to a new industry report out this morning. (TechCrunch)

LinkedIn becomes social media of choice for North Korea's elite

North Koreans are increasingly using the LinkedIn social media site as the global internet gradually opens up to the hermit kingdom’s elite. (Telegraph)

Stuart Hall