Social Media Daily News Roundup 02.08.19

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🌻 Terrorists boost fundraising on social media, warns think-tank

🌻 ‘Approved, Not Approved’ campaign uncovers how ad guidelines on social media are selectively enforced

🌻 TikTok adds GIF integration with Giphy to add more creative capacity

🌻 Why Uber fired 400 marketers

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Terrorists boost fundraising on social media, warns think-tank - The Times 

Terrorists are taking advantage of the chance to “industrialise” their financing by using charity crowdfunding sites and social media.

Members of Islamist and white supremacist groups have raised funds via Facebook, GoFundMe and YouTube, and encrypted messengers such as WhatsApp and Telegram are also exposed, a report from the Royal United Services Institute (Rusi) said.

Poor regulation and monitoring have led to extremists sharing bank details on social media, setting up fake humanitarian crowdfunding accounts and using encrypted messaging services to organise money transfers.

‘Approved, Not Approved’ campaign uncovers how ad guidelines on social media are selectively enforced - The Drum 

Protesters stood in front of Facebook’s New York office to call attention to a new platform designed to help the public understand how advertising guidelines on social media sites are selectively enforced, therefore limiting access to solutions, education, and engagement from brands, especially those targeting women.

The brands hope that by shedding light on this matter, policy makers will be implored to make the necessary changes to current policies that they say negatively affect female-focused wellness companies.

TikTok Adds GIF Integration with Giphy to Add More Creative Capacity - Social Media Today

While there's been a range of fad apps which have come and gone over the years, it does feel - at least right now - like TikTok might just have some staying power.

Backed by Chinese company ByteDance - which is already looking at expansion - TikTok has been able to benefit from having essentially the same app operate within China for the preceding two years before TikTok arrived in western markets. That's given TikTok a head start in regards to ad options and tools, while it also provides it with increased capacity for testing, learning from previous releases, etc.

It's very early days, but the trends are pointing in TikTok's favor, as it holds its popularity in the market. And this new addition could be another way to make the app even more sticky with its growing audience.

Why Uber fired 400 marketers - The Drum 

Uber’s recent round of layoffs saw roughly one third of its marketing roles – 400, to be precise – made redundant. As the industry asks how and why the department became so big, The Drum pieces together the remit of the now streamlined team.

News of Uber’s summertime sackings broke on Monday (30 July). An internal memo sent by chief executive Dara Khosrowshahi confirmed 400 people would be losing their jobs across the business’ 1,200-strong marketing department, principally because its teams had become “too big, which creates overlapping work, makes for unclear decision owners and can lead to mediocre results.”

Jade Halstead