Social Media Marketer Spotlight : Megan Morley, Marketing Apprentice at Six Two

The third marketer to be interviewed as part of the new series Social Media Marketer Spotlight is Megan Morley, Megan is currently a marketing apprentice at Six Two, a website design company based in Ashford. She’s new to the social media marketer role but has grown up in the digital world using social media as a way of communication. She is gaining experience through her apprenticeship which allows her to learn new marketing techniques, grow the business’s marketing and develop additional skills in different aspects of the business she works in. When away from the screen Megan enjoys keeping up with the latest trends and spending quality time with her friends and family. 


1 Year

The Questions: 

What does your day to day work consist of?

I’m in charge of managing the marketing and social media accounts for Six Two, the business I work for. My day to day work consists of managing our social media accounts on Twitter and LinkedIn in terms of engaging with other business’s content, taking time to reply to comments and following relevant accounts. I create content on a daily basis that consistently represents our values and brand as a whole giving our audience an insight into Six Two as a business. During the day I organise upcoming marketing activities such as event information, material for exhibitions, tweets for at least two weeks in advance and writing our own marketing content. Amongst these activities I have to complete my coursework for my apprenticeship course, help with any client work and offer my assistance with tasks throughout the business. 

What are the challenges you face as a social media marketer?

As a social media marketer there are several different challenges that I face especially as I am new to the role. It can be challenging to represent a brand’s values and messages through their social media marketing. We live in an ever-changing digital world so it can be hard to stay up to date as there are constantly new updates and software becoming available. 

Are there any social media tools you use to make your job easier?

We use Slack to communicate internally as a team and Wrike to help organise our work through cards and projects. For social media we use Tweetdeck for scheduling our tweets and analyse our post performance through Twitter analytics. We use Google analytics to track the performance of our website, blog and to see if our social media marketing is working in terms of bringing people onto the website.

There are so many changes in social media, where do you go to get the latest information and stay on top of your game?
I am subscribed to several mailing lists and YouTube channels which keep me up to date with the latest changes, updates, news and trends in the digital world.

For someone looking to get into a social media role, where would you advise them to start? 

People think social media is an easy thing to get into due to it playing such a big part in our day-to-day lives however if you want to get into it as a role then you will require some additional knowledge. This can be gained through taking an online training course, attending events or seminars, reading books or getting an apprenticeship just like me. There is so much information out there that can improve your current knowledge and help you apply it in a business environment. It will also give you a chance to gain experience for the role as you will be asked to complete specific marketing activities along the way. 

What's been your best social media success story to date and why?

I’ve been able to double our Twitter following in a year just through producing regular and consistent content. Our brand and team can now be recognised at events through using organic engagement and working hard to get ourselves known locally. 

Finally, has been your favourite social media campaign (Big or Small) this year so far and why? 

For me it’s Gillette’s ‘The Best Men Can Be’ campaign, it certainly got people talking. 

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