Social Media Weekend News Roundup 28.01.19

Todays social media news roundup so you don’t have to go anywhere else: Facebook launched business hub for privacy and data use management, UK could ban social media, YouTube working to prevent creator impersonation, The Fyre effect, more questions are being asked about influencer marketing, how social media is inspiring young people to save the natural world.

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Facebook Marks Data Privacy Day 2019

Monday is Data Privacy Day, an important time to check in with people about their privacy choices online.

Facebook launches business hub for privacy, data use management

Celebrating Data Privacy Day on Monday, Facebook has launched a new "Privacy and Data Use Business Hub" to help businesses understand ways in which they could protect user-information while using the platform. 

Mental health: UK could ban social media over suicide images, minister warns

Social media firms could be banned if they fail to remove harmful content, the health secretary has warned.

Speaking on the BBC's Andrew Marr show, Matt Hancock said: "If we think they need to do things they are refusing to do, then we can and we must legislate."

YouTube is working to prevent impersonation after top creators hit by major scam

Some of YouTube’s top creators have found themselves at the center of a new scam targeting fans directly on the platform.

The Fyre Effect: More questions are being asked of influencer marketing in wake of documentaries

The pair of Fyre Festival documentaries from Netflix and Hulu have some marketers asking more questions about their influencer marketing investment.

How social media is inspiring children to save the natural world

It’s true that many young people stare at screens instead of being out in the wild – but others use technology to form a global community of conservationists

Lucy Hall