In house Social Media Marketer of the Year

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It was not all that long ago that the internal role for social media markers simply did not exist, fast forward and you only need to see the volume of jobs across the job boards highlighting how many brands are recruiting specialists to teams.

Some would argue we are seeing a trend towards businesses taking the social media duties in house, regardless it's great to see that brands and businesses are placing more value and resource to increase the role social media plays within the wider marketing strategies.

They may be employed to work with the external agencies and act as the lead, or they may take on the duties and build as a specialist within the team.

We also have recognised all the Marketing Managers who have taken ownership Social Media Marketing in house without the aide of “specialists” instead adapting existing skillsets.

We asked you to nominate those who you felt should be recognised for the work they have done in growing the social media of a particular brand or business, we have had a diverse mix of entries and here are the shortlisted nominees:

Jacky Barker (Canva)

Adison Rudall (P&CO)

Tracy Jones (Cheese & Teas Creative)

Sophie Jones (N20 Ltd)

Laura Griffin (Riverdance)

Jason Miller (Linkedin)

Helena Langdon (Innocent)

Emily Davis (Ted Baker)

Micheal Nagle (Paddy Power)

Emma Page (Audi)

Eleni Karamalegkou (Lego)

Jonny Silcock (Adidas Football)

Christopher McKay (Hillarys)

Victoria Jenkins (Audible UK)

Georgina Thomas (Tilhill)

Esme Rice (The Goat Agency)

Nils Herrmann ( Quintly Inc.)

James Coyne (Lendlease)

Gurmit Chouhan (Samsung)

Danny Windsor (Sleeping Giant Media)

Find out more about the Social Media Marketing Awards and get your ticket to the event ready to celebrate those who do extraordinary work in social media.

Lucy Hall