Social Media News Roundup 10.09.18

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‘Competition is lower there’: Still-new Facebook Stories attracts advertisers with low CPMs

A recent Pew Research study reported 26% of people surveyed deleted the Facebook app from their phones. Yet advertisers’ cravings to experiment within more places within Facebook’s ecosystem hasn’t waned. The latest battleground: Facebook Stories.  (DigiDay)

Twitter Adds Audio-Only Live Broadcasting

Twitter has launched a new feature that gives users the ability to create audio-only live streams. (Search Engine Journal)

Twitter is Testing a Redesigned Desktop Interface

Twitter is testing a redesigned version of its desktop web interface, which is currently available to a limited number of users. (SEJ)

Instagram adds emoji shortcuts for quicker comments

Instagram has added personalised emoji shortcuts to its app, placing your most used emoji above your keyboard when you begin to comment on a post. The new feature was widely rolled out on Thursday, but it has been in public testing since May on both Android and iOS (The Verge)


YouTube TV now lets you pause your subscription for up to 6 months

YouTube  TV introduced a new feature to its service Thursday that allows users to pause their service between four-week and six-month periods at any time, (TechCrunch)

WhatsApp set for a massive update soon - and you need to take action

Whatsapp announced that a system update that could see all your chats, pictures, videos and audio files be deleted. (Mirror) 

Snap Inc. Announces New Webinars to Provide Insights into How to Use its Ad Tools

As we move into the final – and for many businesses, most valuable - segment of the year, many marketers are re-assessing their ad focus, and aligning their efforts to maximize their holiday push.  (SMW)

In this episode of the social show we head over to Cision HQ to meet with president Abe Smith and discuss "visual recognition technology" Share IQ was a recent acquisition by Cision which does more than the logo recognition you see in some social listening tools.





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