Social Media News Roundup 31.08.18


Amazon is testing an attribution pixel, a key step in rivalling the duopoly

Like Google and Facebook, Amazon wants to take credit for the success of ads outside its own platform. (DigiDay)

Twitter exempts media companies from rules on political ads

Twitter has given news organisations a pass from its new rules on issues-based advertising, which means publishers like The New York Times and USA Today won't have to register as political advertisers. (Ad age)

Takeaways from Adidas’ Snapchat Shows E-commerce Ad Campaign

Snapchat’s staying power has been called into question this year, after a negative comment about the platform by Rihanna caused stock prices to drop and Q2 reports showed the company experienced a decline in users for the first time since it went public last year. But the app’s foray into e-commerce has proved to be very successful, as shown by its most recent campaign with Adidas. (PR News)

YouTube launches a suite of fundraising tools

YouTube today announced a suite of new features designed to offer creators and their fans new ways to contribute to charitable causes. (TechCrunch)

A professional photographer explains what you're doing wrong on Instagram

Most of us know a good Instagram feed when we see one. Even if we have absolutely no background in art (hello), we notice something satisfying — a cohesive colour palette, good composition, a pleasant variety of subject matter.  (MashableUK)

‘So many question marks’: Publishers aren’t ready to commit resources to Instagram’s IGTV

Discovery should have as good an idea as any media company as to how Instagram’s IGTV is panning out for publishers. (TechCrunch)

Back to School: What LinkedIn’s Tens of Millions of Students Are Concerned About

Opinion: Content Quarterly Insights report also examines World Cup chatter, great insight from Adweek in the quarterly report they produce. 

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