Social Media Daily News Roundup 23.08.18


‘An important part of our digital universe’: Smirnoff is spending more on Instagram Stories ads

Stories are the new news feed for Smirnoff. More of the vodka advertiser’s social media budget is going to Instagram as a result of the vertical video format. (DigiDay)

Facebook bans the first app since Cambridge Analytica, myPersonality, and suspends hundreds more.

Facebook announced today that it had banned the app myPersonality for improper data controls and suspended hundreds more. So far this is only the second app to be banned as a result of the company’s large-scale audit begun in March; but as myPersonality hasn’t been active since 2012, and was to all appearances a legitimate academic operation, it’s a bit of a mystery why they bothered. (TechCrunch)

Facebook’s latest ‘inauthentic behaviour’ campaign raises questions about user quality

Facebook’s political ad archive and issue ads policy have frustrated media organizations and marketers over the past few months. But despite the grievances, Facebook’s system has apparently done what it’s intended to do: Flag foreign interference launching misinformation campaigns. (DigiDay)

Now You Can Read Entire Books on Instagram Thanks to the New York Public Library's 'InstaNovels'

The New York Public Library is introducing a new way for you to get your read on: the “InstaNovel.” As of Wednesday, the NYPL will begin posting classic novels to its Instagram account, in the form of Instagram stories. (Fortune)

Ariana Grande Using Snapchat to Launch ‘Sweetener’ Merchandise via a Shoppable Selfie Lens

Ariana Grande is revealing new merchandise tied to her new album, “Sweetener,” exclusively on Snapchat with a custom selfie Lens — which also will let fans purchase the product through the app. (variety)


YouTube is increasing its original programming and is set to release 50 original shows next year. head of originals EMEA Luke Hyams revealed at the Edinburgh TV Festival the paid-for YouTube Premium service will debut dozens of original shows throughout 2019. (IGN)

Pinterest CTO Vanja Josifovski details AI’s present and future challenges

Artificial intelligence (AI): it’s more than marketing mumbo-jumbo. You needn’t look further for evidence of its pervasiveness than Amazon’s Echo smart speaker lineup, Facebook’s photo-tagging facial recognition systems, or Apple’s Siri. Yet another influential player in the space is Pinterest. (Venturebeat)

Top 5 KPIs Social Media Marketers Need to Track and Improve

According to the 2018 Global Digital Report, there are over 3 billion active social media users. It’s no wonder, therefore, that businesses continue to amplify their social media efforts in order to reach more customers. At least 88% of businesses use social media. (Adweek)


How can brands avoid problems working with creators?



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