Social Media Weekend News Roundup 20.08.18


Weekend Roundup

The best Social Media news from the last few days. 

Twitter’s fear of making hard decisions is killing it

Why does Twitter move so slowly? It’s a question that has been on my mind since Monday, as we watched the company belatedly tiptoe into enforcement of its guidelines against inciting violence. (The Verge)

HUD Hits Facebook For Allowing Housing Discrimination

Social media giant allows landlords and home sellers access to advertising tools that limit which prospective buyers or tenants can view certain online ads based on race, religion, sex, disability and other characteristics. (NPR)

Snapchat's much-needed Android overhaul is hiding in plain sight

Snap promised a sorely needed redesign for Snapchat's sluggish Android app back in November, and it's now clear what that tune-up will entail. Jane Manchun Wong has discovered (with additional detail from Kieron Quinn) that Snapchat's Android app hides a rough alpha version of the revamp with an experience more on par with the iOS version. (Engadget) 

Valve Launched, A New Twitch Competitor, By Mistake

Valve, the company behind the popular PC gaming platform Steam and once-upon-a-time developer of video games like Half-Life 2 and Portal 2 accidentally launched its new Twitch competitor this Friday. (Forbes)


WhatsApp WARNING: You could lose your most precious files as major update drops

WHATSAPP users have received good and bad news ahead of a major update that could result in the loss of precious files. (Express)

The 9 most popular Twitch streamers in the world, one of whom makes an estimated $560,000 a month playing video games

Amazon wants to catapult the next generation of internet stars, and it's positioning its video-game streamer Twitch to do just that.

Why Pinterest should be in every brand's strategy

Pinterest is continuing to grow its platform. Over 200 million people use the platform, which gives brands a huge opportunity to reach new customers. Unlike other social platforms, Pinterest is primarily used for commerce. Most pins on the platform represent an idea, product, or service that a consumer wants to try (ZDnet)

12 Social Media Audit Secrets You Need to Know

A social media audit is equivalent to a marketing health and wellness check-up. It’s an opportunity to proactively check the vitals, DNA, circulation, deficiencies, activity levels of your social media efforts. Nice 12 step guide from SEJ

eSports – The opportunity for non-endemic brands to come and play

The excitement about eSports has reached fever pitch, sparking a scramble by major brands to grab a piece of the action. Read this opinion article from The Drum

How Spotify built its in-house creative team

When Spotify’s brand chief joined five years ago the plan wasn’t to build an in-house creative function; she now manages a team of 90 but still believes external perspectives are crucial. (Marketing Week) 

In this episode, we talk to Harry Hugo co-founder of the Goat agency, Harry talks about the growth of Influencer marketing, where the next opportunities are for brands and give's us his candid view on what is going on in the market.
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